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Wintrow Promoted to District Member Service Supervisor

Pioneer is pleased to announce the promotion of Deanna Wintrow to District Member Service Supervisor effective August 30, 2021. Deanna joined Pioneer in April 1994 as a Member Service Representative. She was promoted to Member Service Representative Senior in November 2009.

Deanna has proven herself in interactions with members including sometimes difficult conversations and in high-pressure situations such as lengthy storms. She has keen analytical skills and is process-oriented always looking for ways to improve and become more efficient whether it’s in billing calculations, rate and revenue validations, or in member-consumer care. She has also trained many others in the member service area.

Over the years, Deanna has pushed herself to become a power user of the NISC iVUE member information system applications. In addition to the tasks specific to her own position, she has continuously supported others across department lines in Pioneer’s efforts to fully integrate the system. Some of these applications include load management, GPS mapping, and the AMR system. Deanna is also a member of the Work Management team focused on improving efficiencies and transitioning to Pioneer to paperless processes.

Deanna has been a key player for Pioneer in her previous roles and we are confident she will be successful in her new position. Please join us in congratulating Deanna on this promotion.

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