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Capital Credits

As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, we are different than most utilities. We are owned by our consumer-members. Rates are set to generate enough money to pay operating costs, make payments on loans and provide an emergency reserve. But, unlike a for-profit, investor-owned utility, there is not a shareholder pool of money available to fund capital improvements, maintenance and operations, or to maintain the financial strength of the cooperative. In order to provide for those needs, any money left over after paying expenses each year becomes the co-op members’ ownership investment to build and maintain the electric distribution system. The funds from this shared financial responsibility of all current and past members are called capital credits, and we keep track of each member’s share.

Are you a former member and need to update your address or contact information?

Send us a message or call our office at 800.762.0997, during normal business hours.

Pioneer Electric Cooperative has been able to make general retirements of capital credits to current and former members since 1981. Those retirements, along with the discounted retirements to estates, have totaled more than $52 million.

How Capital Credits Work

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What are Capital Credits?
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