Who We Are Donation Request

Donation Criteria

The following categories and corresponding donation allotments on a percentage basis have been established:

  • Schools and school sponsored programs
  • Youth activities (organizations or groups)
  • Civic organizations and Chambers of Commerce
  • Community health
  • Community events and facilities

Consideration will be given to charitable organizations, activities or groups whose primary focus positively benefits a segment of Pioneer Electric Cooperative’s membership and the local communities Pioneer serves.

Preference will be given to those organizations or groups that may provide services that benefit Pioneer members or their families. Requests must be submitted to the cooperative in writing and will include a statement regarding the intended use of the requested donation.

Only one donation request per organization, activity or group, that is greater than $200 will be considered per calendar year, and a maximum of three total donations per organization per calendar year.

Donations must directly benefit the group, activity or organization, and the donation recipient must not use any cooperative donation funds for political organizations/groups, funding any political campaign of any kind, labor groups, or specific individuals or families.

It is expected that the organization, activity or group receiving donations from the cooperative will publicly acknowledge the cooperative’s donation.

Donation Request Form