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Energy Audit

Pioneer’s Energy Advisor program offers three services to help understand how your home uses energy.

In-Depth Phone Audit: A five to 30 minute discussion with a person authorized on the account, can help to identify malfunctioning equipment in home, allows discussion of current energy use trends, and provides daily and hourly data to help troubleshoot high use issues. Members may also access use information by creating a SmartHub account and using Usage Explorer after log in.

Check Appliance Energy Consumption with a Kill A Watt Meter: Members can stop by one of our offices or a local library and borrow a Kill A Watt meter to measure the electric consumption of their plug-in household appliances. Meters have a one month loan period.

Blower Door Test and Infrared Inspection: A two to four hour, in-home service to help members identify the location and severity of air infiltration in their home, as well as the location of insufficient insulation. There is a $99 fee for Pioneer members for this service. Member must be present at time of service.

There is typically a waiting list for this service due to high demand and seasonal limitations with the infrared camera. Members are encouraged to call 800.762.0997 or email to get on the list. Pioneer’s energy advisor can offer additional tips and items to address prior to the in-home audit.

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