My Account Right to Disconnect

Pioneer reserves the right to discontinue service to any member without notice due to:
  • Default on payment arrangement or if a bad check is written to avoid disconnection for non-payment.
  • Fraudulent representation as to use of electric service.
  • Disapproval of member’s equipment or installation due to defects or hazardous conditions.
  • Repairs or emergency operations.
  • Unavoidable shortage or interruption in Pioneer’s source of supply.
  • Whenever such action is necessary to protect the Cooperative from fraud or abuse.
  • Upon cancellation of service contract.
Pioneer reserves the right to discontinue service on reasonable notice due to:
  • Non-payment of bill or any other indebtedness
  • Entry to its meter or meters is refused, or if access is obstructed or hazardous
  • Rules and regulations of the Cooperative are violated.
Disconnection of Service for Non-Payment

If your service was terminated at your location, you may get your service reestablished by bringing your account current. In order to guarantee reconnection on the same day, payment must be received by 2 p.m. that day. Payment should include any penalties or fees, as well as a security deposit if applicable. Payments must be made in person, by phone, online or at our Piqua pay station.

  • Penalties for payments received after the due dates are assessed immediately.
  • The late payment penalty is seven (7) percent of the total amount due.
  • Notice will be provided to delinquent member at least 14 days prior to disconnection.
  • Employees disconnecting service for nonpayment will not accept payment in the field.
  • The fee for reconnecting service is $75.
Requesting Disconnection

If you no longer require service at a location, or are moving off Pioneer lines, please contact our office to arrange service disconnection. Please supply a forwarding address to mail your final bill and capital credits.