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Unlocking Year-Round Comfort and Savings: The power of geothermal heating and cooling systems

Geothermal illustration under a home

Did you know there is an abundant source of energy in the ground that can be used to heat a house in the winter, cool it in the summer, and provide some free hot water?

You just need to tap into it.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are extremely energy efficient and generally provide the lowest utility bills of any residential heating and cooling system. They tap into the renewable energy from the ground and can provide significant savings on utility bills.

Geothermal systems possess remarkable efficiency due to their distinctive operation. While they function similarly to standard heat pumps, they differentiate themselves by exchanging heat with the ground rather than relying on the fluctuating outdoor air temperature. Unlike the outdoor air, which experiences significant variations from day to night and extreme differences between the coldest winter night and hottest summer day, geothermal heat pumps maintain a consistent level of efficiency and heat output. This consistency allows them to effectively extract heat from the ground, regardless of the outside temperature, surpassing the performance of traditional heat pumps.

To capture the heat energy from the ground in the winter and disperse heat during the summer, a series of pipes are buried in the ground or placed at the bottom of a pond. An environmentally friendly water solution running through the pipe acts as the heat transfer medium.

During the summer, a regular heat pump or air conditioner loses efficiency and cooling output when the outdoor temperature rises. Unfortunately, this is when your house requires the greatest cooling capacity.

Geothermal systems are extremely quiet, because there’s no outdoor equipment to bother your neighbors or your family at night. This also reduces wear and tear from constant exposure to outdoor weather.

When it comes time to replace that worn-out heating and cooling system in your home, take a closer look at a geothermal system and see if geothermal will meet your needs.

Pioneer Electric has incentives to install a system, plus the federal government offers a federal tax break. If you do not know whom to call, Pioneer has a list of qualified dealers.

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