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Pioneer’s Haas Substation is Fully Operational

Pioneer Electric is pleased to announce that southern Miami County’s Haas Substation became fully operational on June 30.

The new 138 kV substation will improve outage reliability to the 729 consumers previously served by the 12 kV Lower Miami delivery point by dividing them between three feeders, which means an outage would affect a smaller number of members. The new substation will provide backfeeding capacity for another 484 members when East Casstown substation has a transmission outage or maintenance needs.

Haas Substation was named after former Pioneer President and CEO Doug Haas, who also served as Pioneer’s manager of engineering during his 22 years of service. Doug was an important part of Pioneer’s formula for success.

His efforts were an integral part of the reliability our consumer-members enjoy today and the high level of service we continue to provide.

Haas Substation was a great collaborative effort between our employees and contractors, and we are excited to enhance service in this area.

Check out the progression video here:

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