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Our Goal: Providing Value

These services are available to you just for being an electric cooperative member.

We believe there is value every time you flip the light switch and the lights turn on. And that’s what we strive for, but beyond the value of reliability, we offer additional services that are designed to benefit both you and your cooperative:


Make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient with our rebates on electric water heaters, heat pumps, insulation, geothermal systems, electric vehicle chargers, and more.


Through SmartHub, you can easily access and manage your electric use on a monthly, daily, and hourly basis. Additionally, you can update your account information, enroll in Auto Pay, receive high usage alerts, and conveniently pay your electric bill. Visit for registration instructions.

Capital credits

Based on your electricity purchases, you hold financial equity in the cooperative. These funds aid us in making power reliability investments. Since 1981, we have returned more than $61 million to our members as part of our capital credits retirement program.

Youth programs

They say what goes around comes around. That’s why we provide scholarships to children of members to support their future eduction endeavors and provide a summer energy camp for younger students. We hope that if they stay in the local community, they’ll consider working for us someday.

Energy audits

If you have questions about your energy use, our marketing and energy use specialist is available to assist you over the phone. Moreover, we offer in-person energy audits to help identify energy consumption sources and provide cost-saving suggestions for your home.

Outage and use alerts

Leveraging our advanced metering and billing technology, you can set electric use thresholds. We will then send you text and/or email alerts if your consumption exceeds those thresholds for daily or hourly limits. These alerts provide early awareness of high use instead of waiting for the next billing cycle. You can also opt-in to our outage reporting and receive alerts when there are power outages and when power is restored. This service also allows you report your outage by texting “OUT” to 80o-762-0997.

Live answer

During regular working hours, our courteous and knowledgeable member service representatives will answer your calls — no automated answer system or long holds to wait on to speak with someone.

By participating in these extra services, you not only gain personal benefits but also contribute to the overall stability and efficiency of your cooperative.

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