Who We Are Board of Trustees

Cooperatives are Member-Owned and Member-Governed

The Board of Trustees, elected by the membership, oversees the President/CEO, sets company policy and monitors finances of the cooperative. They represent fellow members and participate in electric cooperative training and conference opportunities.

Each year, three trustees, one from each district is elected to a three-year term and can serve up to seven-consecutive terms.


Meet the Trustees

Mark A. Bailey

Champaign County | Chair

Colleen R. Eidemiller

Miami County | First Vice Chair

Roger J. Bertke

Shelby County | Second Vice Chair

John I. Goettemoeller

Shelby County | Secretary

John H. Vulgamore

Champaign County | Treasurer

Ted R. Black

Champaign County | OEC Representative

Robert Billings

Miami County | Trustee

Bill Clark

Shelby County | Trustee

Wade H. Wilhelm

Miami County | Trustee

*For Board Trustee contact information, please contact our office.

County Board

Nominate trustees and district board members | Act as a voice for members in their respective district | Typically meet three evenings per year

Each year four trustees are newly elected to each county board for a three-year term and can serve up to seven-consecutive terms.

Interested in attending one of our monthly meetings?

Your Board of Trustees meets regularly, the last Tuesday of each month, individual members are welcome to attend, please notify the Pioneer office prior to the meeting.

Considering running for a trustee seat?

A board trustee is expected to help protect, preserve and defend the assets of the cooperative. Click here for an overview of trustee responsibilities and other beneficial information.

The request for member interest and nomination process typically occurs between June and October each year, however you are welcome to apply anytime and we will hold your application until the next request for candidates begins.

Candidate Application

For more information or to be considered for nomination, email member@pioneerec.com or call our office. If members would like a summary of Pioneer’s governance and financial accountability, including executive compensation, please email sknore@pioneerec.com or call our office.