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Who’s on the 2021 Pioneer Board Election Ballot?

Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in Pioneer’s annual board election!

One of the most unique benefits of being a member of Pioneer — or any cooperative — is your ability to democratically elect fellow members to represent you on the Pioneer boards. All of the candidates, trustees and county board members, are consumer-members of Pioneer and your community and are concerned with the issues you face every day, because they face them as well.

Board election packets will be mailed out to all members on Friday, Feb. 19. This year there are three options for voting, by mail, online, or through your SmartHub app or account. Voting must be completed no later than Friday, March 19.

Check out a full listing of Pioneer members who are running for board positions in 2021:

Board Trustees

Champaign County: Ted Black & Donald Cuddington

Miami County: Robert Billings & Duane Engel

Shelby County: Bill Clark & Terrence Householder

County Boards

Champaign County:

Geo Area #1: Mark Atterholt & Jacob Conley

Geo Area #2: James Simms & Ward Wildman

Geo Area #3: Philip Hisnay & Kurt King

Geo Area #4: Andrew Hofner & Chad Wallace

Miami County:

Geo Area #5: Wayne Mullenix & John Probst

Geo Area #6: Charles Elliott & William Platfoot

Geo Area #7: Thomas Maxson & Michael Robbins

Geo Area #8: Jenny Hodge & Rick Russ

Shelby County:

Geo Area #9: Timothy Gariety & Roger Wehrman

Geo Area #10: Robert Murgatroyd & Steve Wenning

Geo Area #11: David Slagle & Thomas Wyen

Geo Area #12: Joseph Everett & Larry Morris

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