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Pioneer Holds 3rd Energy Camp

Pioneer Electric Cooperative recently wrapped up its third annual summer Energy Camp, a camp designed to inspire students from Champaign, Miami, and Shelby counties. This year’s STEM-focused camp had nearly 40 students split into two sessions, from June 11 to 13 in Piqua and June 25 to 27 in Urbana. The camp was open to students entering grades 5 through 7, who have interest in energy, energy efficiency, engineering, and electric cooperatives.

Reflecting Pioneer Electric’s commitment to community and dedication to education, the camp underscored two of the cooperative’s seven core principles: Commitment to Community and Education, Training, and Information.

Students engaged in a variety of hands-on activities, experiments, and educational sessions. They learned about energy resources, circuits, insulators and conductors, safety, and efficiency, and even built their own wind turbines. Through interactive experiments and practical demonstrations, students gained valuable insights into energy production, consumption, sustainability, and the crucial role that cooperatives play in their local communities.

In addition to the technical knowledge, the camp also exposed students to various career opportunities within the electric cooperative, encouraging them to consider the many career fields and opportunities that are available to them locally. Pioneer Electric’s Energy Camp was created to educate and inspire the next generation of energy innovators and leaders.

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