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Outage Communication Switching from Facebook to TextPower

Since we started TextPower in December, you have been overwhelmingly supportive of the real-time, personalized status updates at your service address(es). Targeted text messages allow you to get real-time information on your outage including when a crew has been assigned, your estimated time of restoration, updated estimates, and the current status of your outage. You may also report an outage via text.

For this reason and because we are able to reach more of you, starting on October 1st we are updating our communications process. Moving forward we are using TextPower to communicate most non-major storm outages instead of our Facebook page. The outage map will remain on the website and you may always call us to get information about your outage or to report an outage if you prefer not to receive texts.

In major storm situations, outage communications will occur on social media more frequently.

If you have not already signed up for TextPower (we currently have over 15,000 members subscribed for text alerts!), please visit: Outage Center | Pioneer Electric Cooperative (

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