Members with either a geothermal unit or a dual fuel system may be eligible to receive a rate discount of $0.02 per kWh between 1,000 and 2,000 kWh for whole house use each month, maximum $20.00 discount per month.

To be eligible you must:

Have a 50-gallon or larger electric water heater with our radio-controlled peak management switch. Eligible for a $1/month discount for having the water heater control. Heat pump water heaters do not qualify.
Participate in our Cool Returns Program which makes you eligible for a one-time $100 bill credit. A central air conditioner can participate in Cool Returns, but is not eligible for the rate incentive.

Have a dual fuel system.

Geothermal systems may have electric as a back up, but should be sized so that this energy intensive back-up system is rarely used. Heat pumps with an electric furnace, wood, or pellets as a back-up are NOT eligible for this discount – the back-up must be an automatic fossil fuel system.

To find out if you qualify for the Geothermal & Heat Pump Discount, contact Ted Riethman at 800.762.0997 or