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Tree Trimming Practices
Each year expensive and unnecessary outages are caused by falling trees or by limbs coming in contact with power lines or transformers.

Pioneer conducts a year-round line clearance and maintenance program to ensure safe clearances, fewer power interruptions and fewer intrusions on member property. Trees are trimmed on a four-year cycle. Members will be notified if work is needed.  Trees are only removed with permission.

Pioneer recommends using only professional tree service on your property.  Pioneer will also assist in trimming limbs and removing trees near lines, call 800.762.0997.


Tree Planting Tips
Because different trees have different characteristics, special attention must be paid to where you plant each tree. Planting the right tree in the right place will enhance property value, conserve energy, and prevent costly maintenance trimming and damage to your home. Good landscaping will also utilize shrubs and low-growing trees compatible with electric utility lines.

Research the tree you are interested in, checking for mature height, width, shape, soil type, sun/salt/disease tolerance, fruit bearing patterns, and cold hardiness.  Always call before you dig Ohio Utilities Protection Services (OUPS) 800.362.2764 to locate underground utilities.

DON’T FORGET! Consider power line location when planting a tree. Trees that grown into power lines can cause outages and increase maintenance costs. Some of that maintenance can harm the tree due to excessive pruning that is sometimes necessary.

If you have questions please contact our Manager of Vegetation Control at 800.762.0997 or

Tree heights & Distance from home drawing

Zone 1: No Tree Planting
This zone ends 15 feet away from electric utility wires. If you have further questions concerning the planting of trees near electric lines located away from your home, call Pioneer, as these lines may be of a higher voltage and require greater clearance distance.

Zone 2: Trees that grow no taller than 40 feet
This zone, which takes in mostly lawn area, is used to decorate or frame your house instead of hiding it from site. Trees should be selected first, the shrubs can be planted to complement the trees.

Zone 3: Trees that grow 60 feet in height
Larger types of trees can be used here, however, the tree planting should consider your neighbor's view or his own planting of flower beds and trees. Large trees should be planted at least 35 feet away from the house for proper root development and to minimize tree damage to the house or building.



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