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Residential Rebates & Incentives

Geothermal Incentive
Pioneer members who purchase and install energy efficient geothermal systems on Pioneer lines are eligible for an $800 bill credit for installing a geothermal system with either electric or fossil fuel backup. Members may also be eligible for an additional $400 bill credit if they install a closed loop system.


Heat Pump Incentive
Members who purchase and install an energy efficient heat pump may be eligible for a $400 bill credit for installing an air source heat pump with an automatic fossil fuel (dual fuel), or electric back up.


Geothermal & Heat Pump Rate Discount
Members with either a geothermal unit or a dual fuel system may be eligible to receive a rate discount of $0.02 per kWh between 1,000 and 2,000 kWh for whole house use each month, maximum $20.00 discount per month. 


Electric Water Heater Incentive
Members who purchase and install a new electric water heater may be eligible to receive a $150 bill credit for installing a new 50-gallon or larger electric water heater.


Cool Returns
Members with a central air conditioner or an air-source or ground-source heat pump are eligible to participate in the Cool Returns program, an energy management program that helps reduce energy use when demand is highest. Members can earn a one-time $100 bill credit for participating. 


Insulation Incentive
Members who wish to save money on their home energy costs and increase their home comfort level by adding insulation could be eligible for an insulation installation rebate. To be qualified, members must use a licensed contractor for installation.


Commercial Rebates & Incentives

Commercial & Industrial Energy Audit Program
Buckeye Power has partnered with Pioneer to help make the cost of a professional third-party energy audit more affordable. Your business could qualify for more than $5,000 in incentives. 


Commercial & Industrial Custom Lighting Program
Business-members are eligible for up to a $15,000 rebate for replacing inefficient internal and external lighting. The rebate is based upon the number of watts saved when replacing old lighting with energy efficient lighting.


Commercial & Industrial Improvements Program
Business-members are eligible for up to a $5,000 rebate for energy efficient equipment purchases and installation.

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