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Mutual Aid Restoration: Florence

As media outlets began to report the possible intensity and path of Hurricane Florence, Pioneer linemen, linemen trainees, and supervisors all started to consider the opportunity to provide mutual aid to cooperatives in the path of the storm.

Member Feature: Enriching Lives on Downsize Farm

A family’s journey to change the quality of life for differently abled individuals and develop ways to integrate them into their community.

Searching for candidates like you!

Members, just like you, have the opportunity to run for, and be elected to serve on, the Pioneer Board of Trustees and three district boards of Champaign, Miami, and Shelby counties.

Peak Demand Season is Here

Weather patterns from late May through early September increase the chance of peak demand.

Peak Alert Tips

You can help.

1. Reduce lighting use by 50 percent.
2. Increase your thermostat setting by just a few degrees. 
3. Postpone chores such as laundry that require unnecessary electric use.


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