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We are offering a bill credit to members installing attic insulation by December 31, 2018. All insulation must be installed in a home (residential, not commercial) on Pioneer lines.

Pioneer invites you to improve the air sealing and insulation of your attic space so you can improve the comfort of your home, while also saving on heating and cooling costs. 

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The offer:
$200 bill credit for upgrading existing attic insulation to Energy Star recommended R-42
Offer good on work completed by December 31, 2018
Insulation must be installed by a licensed contractor
Applicable for existing homes on Pioneer lines - NOT new homes, additions, or commercial properties


All insulation is NOT created equal!
Blown fiberglass: R-2.8/in. = 15 in. for R-42
Fiberglass batts: R-3.0/in. = 14 in. for R-42
Blown cellulose: R-3.7/in. = 12 in. for R-42
Open cell foam: R-3.6/in = use to seal the back of knee walls and insulate cathedral or vaulted ceilings
Closed cell foam: R-6.5/in = use to seal the back of knee walls and insulate cathedral or vaulted ceilings


What steps should you take BEFORE insulating your attic?
Check your wiring. If your home is older and has knob and tube wiring, this should be replaced before adding ANY type of insulation.

Make sure your exhaust fans, including bath fans, stove and microwave exhaust, are vented OUT of the attic. Failure to do so may lead to moisture accumulation and a rotted roof.

Air seal any openings into your attic. This includes holes for wiring, lighting fixtures, can lights, smoke detectors, registers for HVAC ducts, balloon framing, dropped soffits, the attic side of knee walls, and your attic access. 

Rule of thumb: if you already have R-20 or greater insulation installed in your attic, the cost effectiveness of installing additional insulation is greatly reduced and payback time is longer than a poorly insulated attic. If you are paying $2,000+ to heat your home, this may be an indicator that your attic needs more insulation. 


Contact Ted Riethman at 800-762-0997 or with questions and for additional information.

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