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Consider a Hybrid: No, we’re not talking about your next vehicle

You might have heard the word hybrid when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Did you know you can use that same word when it comes to selecting your next heating and cooling system for your home? Instead of purchasing a new gas furnace or a new heat pump, why not combine the two to get a more economical and energy efficient system — a dual fuel system?

Much like hybrid vehicles, which combine gasoline engines with electric motors, these systems merge the strengths of both heat pumps and fossil fuel furnaces to optimize performance across varying weather conditions.

Heat pumps excel in moderate climates, efficiently extracting heat from the air and providing cooling during summer months and cold from the air to warm during the winter months. However, as temperatures fall, specifically below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, their efficiency declines too, prompting the need for supplemental heating. This is where fossil fuel furnaces show their benefit, stepping in to deliver reliable warmth even in the coldest winter weather.

By integrating these technologies, homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds. During milder conditions, the heat pump operates efficiently, minimizing energy consumption and costs. As temperatures drop, the system seamlessly transitions to the fossil fuel furnace, maintaining comfort and utilizing its efficiencies.
For those seeking the top option for efficiency, a ground source heat pump, also known as a geothermal system, presents a desirable option. By utilizing the stable temperatures beneath the Earth’s surface, these systems deliver unmatched efficiency and comfort. These systems can be installed with very little assistance from a backup furnace or they can be added onto or combined with a fossil fuel or electric furnace.

When it’s time to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system — the highest energy user in your home — a good heating and cooling contractor should give you all the options. Helpful hint: Heat pumps and geothermal systems should be on that list of options. We always recommend getting quotes from at least three heating and cooling contractors when considering equipment to purchase.

Additionally, Pioneer is committed to promoting energy-efficient solutions and offers incentives for qualified heat pump and geothermal installations, with additional benefits for hybrid systems. Visit our website to learn more about our incentive programs and take the first step toward maximizing comfort and savings in your home.





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