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Capital Credits: Money Back in Your Pocket

A message from our CEO, Ron Salyer:

On behalf of Pioneer and the board of trustees, I’m happy to announce that we are returning more than $3 million in capital credits back to our members again this year.

What sets cooperative utilities apart is their unique business model. Capital credits serve as a benefit to members of the co-op and represent your stake and investment in the cooperative. These credits are important to funding crucial elements such as poles, wires, transformers, and other essential infrastructure, all of which contribute to the long-term strength and reliability of the cooperative.

Retaining capital credits within the cooperative is not a financial strategy; it’s a commitment to ensuring our financial strength. By leveraging these credits, we can finance capital improvements and projects that are important to sustaining your electric system. Additionally, retaining capital credits instead of borrowing money helps lessen the costs associated with electricity, ultimately benefiting all of our members.

Annually, Pioneer evaluates the cooperative’s financial health to determine the feasibility of retiring capital credits. The Pioneer Board of Trustees approves the comprehensive retirement plan, ensuring both current and former members receive their due refunds over time — to put money back in the pockets of you, the owners of our cooperative.

You may have already noticed a credit on your bill, starting mid-May, or you can expect it in the coming weeks, depending upon your respective billing cycle. In total, Pioneer has retired more than $57 million in capital credits through our general retirement process since 1981, underscoring our commitment to our not-for-profit nature.

Capital Credits: You have options!

Do you know what happens to capital credits funds after a member passes away? Members have a few options for how these credits are handled after death.

Understanding and exploring all available options is important. For comprehensive details, check out our Capital Credits page.

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